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Antiqued "Big Foot"~🦶🏼  Charm
Antiqued "Big Foot"~🦶🏼  Charm
Antiqued "Big Foot"~🦶🏼  Charm
Antiqued "Big Foot"~🦶🏼  Charm

Antiqued "Big Foot"~🦶🏼 Charm

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Height- Height-1" ~ Width-3/4" ~ Material-Copper & Brass

Grid is in 1/2" increments.

This is a great earring component!

*This item is handmade, so appearances may vary in color. Stamping may differ ever so slightly. The main body of this charm is Brass, all else is copper.

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, sixty years ago this fall, Bigfoot first stepped into the public consciousness. “Giant footprints puzzle residents,” a headline in the Humboldt Times announced. The small Northern California newspaper reported that a road construction crew had discovered humanlike footprints that were a massive 16 inches long. The paper was the first to give the mysterious animal that made the prints its memorable moniker—“Bigfoot”—and the creature has been stomping through the American imagination ever since. Fact or decide, 🤔.

My process for making the copper components. We’ve manipulated the color of the copper using genuine top shelf copper and changing the colors using both heat and chemistry. Read on!:

Original Artwork by Patricia Healey ~ Each gorgeous genuine copper bead and pendant is handmade from sheet metal. First we cut the shapes out, then put form to metal using the technique of “Repousse”, (beating the crap out of the metal from the reverse side giving it form). We use a bronze solder which you can sometimes see as bits of gold peeking through the solder seams. To get the rich colors we use our top secret patination formula and then fire it up with a torch. Finally, the color is sealed in with a metal lacquer.