🧘 I'm taking a break to Relax, Recharge and Reflect. Next shipping date is May 18th. Your business is appreciated, see you in May!! 🧘

"There is Nothing Permanent...Except Change" ~ Cleaning up my Website 🧹

Hi everyone! Last week I worked on updating the look of my Etsy Site, this week I’m spiffying up my personal website.

I’ve lightened up the color palette of my personal website and am floating each component and pendant in a white background allowing for more of the detail and colors to “pop”. I'm revamping one category per day, and before you know it, it'll be done. Until I tweak the next thing, LOL. 

When I first built this site it was more about progress than perfection. My line of copper is HUGE  and each and every piece needed to be photographed, measured, weighed, described, etc… 

I’ve streamlined my photography process this time around and am re-shooting each and every one of my designs. Sounds overwhelming? Not with this new set-up.

After photographing three of my categories, I’ve got a rhythm to the process that is remarkably efficient. I make a latte, put on some upbeat Brazilian music, reshoot a category, move on to other studio projects, rinse and repeat...with a good nights sleep in-between!