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What Do I Seal My Copper Designs With, You Ask?

I’ve used Rust-Oleum brand lacquer to seal my copper beads and pendants for well over a decade and am super pleased with the job it does protecting the copper.

Why is Endust sharing this photo with my beloved Rust-Oleum? Good question.

I spray a little Endust on a soft cloth and clean the copper pieces of my finished jewelry. This helps to release and remove lotions, sweat, grit, soil, peanut butter, (yep, it removes peanut butter). The best thing about Endust is that after using this polish on your copper a few times the wax starts to build up, giving the lacquer even more oomph power. Lacquer can get damaged when scratched or if you live in an extreme dry climate. Endust helps in both cases by filling in any scratches or cracks in the lacquer.

I learned about Endust while visiting a museum store with beautiful metal work on the walls. I asked the shop keeper how they keep their metals looking so healthy…and she said, “Endust"